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Nuestra misión es facilitar de manera eficiente la ejecución de proyectos o servicios relacionados con el entorno tecnológico, poniendo siempre en el centro de nuestro enfoque la relación con las personas, de esta manera disminuir la rotación y perdida de talento y conocimiento, principales patológicas en nuestro sector, con el consiguiente coste para nuestros clientes y para nosotros.
No importa el tamaño de la compañía, ni la complejidad del proyecto, Personas, Rentabilidad, Eficiencia y Tecnología/Innovación, son nuestros drivers.


-Analyze, consult, and champion the secure design and implementation of new and existing Travelport products and applications;
-Assist with supporting and upgrading software security tools, such as Fortify, BlackDuck and WebInspect, etc.;
-Provide operational support of information security processes and procedures;
-Proactively assist with the integration of security in CI/CD pipeline and assist with the troubleshooting of issues that occur;
-Perform in the role of subject matter expert on security projects and processes (i.e., data protection, identity management, vulnerability management, etc.);
-Support secure coding efforts in coordination with development teams involving automated code scans using security analysis tools to identify vulnerabilities in a code set, prioritize those vulnerabilities, propose solutions, and then coordinating remediation with development team;
-Conduct hands-on security testing, analyze test results, document risks, and recommend mitigating controls;
-Support enforcement of Cyber Security Policy;
-Support the software security team with liaising with other organizations within Travelport to assist with IT compliance with National and International laws and regulations, as well as contractually enforced industry standards.

Tech Skills:
- 3+ years of experience with software development lifecycle and the software development techniques
- Considerable experience with application/software security procedures, performing software/applicationassessments, and assisting development teams with software vulnerability remediation
- Must possess in-depth, hands-on experience with one of the following: Java, C, C++, C#, ASP.Net, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin
- Considerable knowledge and experience with both dynamic testing and static code analysis tools such as Whitehat, Fortify, WebInspect, Checkmarx, Veracode, etc.
- Proficient knowledge and experience with open-source software platforms, open source development tools, open source composition analysis tools
- Experience with offensive security analysis tools and tactics
- Previous penetration testing experience and familiarity with commonly used tools and tactics
- Familiarity with cyber security threats, defenses, motivations and techniques
- Must possess good verbal and written communication decision-making, interpersonal and analytical skills; and
- Must demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a technical environment and be a positive member of a collaborative team.

Soft Skills:
-Good comunication skills.
-Wide Experience in Management
-English is a MUST

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